Greetings! These are the rules for our forum. Please read them carefully. Thank you!


1) Please read forum topic headings carefully before posting.  Restrict your posting to that topic and avoid the tendency to stray off topic.  This will make the information in the forum easier to access as our Experiment  progresses and our forum grows.


2) If you have a question or topic you would like to post, make sure you search the forum for that question or topic in case someone else has already covered it.

3) Any posts you create will be seen by everyone on the Internet, unless it is posted in the Core Participant threads.  Anyone registered at the website has freedom to respond to your posts.

4) Keep in mind the purpose of this forum:


Coordination:  The main purpose of this forum is to coordinate Experiments in Consciousness.


Results: The forum is here to share our progress with the experiment and any results we might be experiencing in life.

Brainstorming: This is a location where you can coordinate with others and brainstorm ideas around the experiment in consciousness.


5) Please do not self-promote a) the work you do outside of this experiment, b) "religious" or "belief" affiliations you have, c) personal websites about you and your work, or d) your own public offerings. We appreciate that you have important work outside of the experiment, but our intention is that the forum be used solely for discussion about the experiment in consciousness initiated by Inelia Benz.


6) Please note that the Experiment forum is public.  Remember that everything you post here, will be seen, and is available, to the entire world.


7) Think before you post.  In today's internet culture it is easy to write before we really consider what we are about to say or to write simply to be seen. The energy we want to generate here is one of Joy Light Love. Please treat the forum, therefore, as a sacred space. We ask you to deal strictly with the subject matter of the experiment.  Read the entire thread before you post, sit with your post before you add it, keep your posts to a minimum, and bring to the forum only what is absolutely necessary.  For casual social interaction, we invite you to use facebook or other social network sites.




About The Experiment

Experiment in Consciousness is an extension of

A group of core experimenters has been invited here to play with Consciousness for 21 days and report their results.

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