Instructions PDF, download this if you want to participate in the experiment in any way or form: Joy Light Love Experiment Instructions PDF

Core Participant Contact: Experiment in Consciousness Contract PDF (for Core Participants)

If you are not a Core Participant, but would like to contribute and share within the forum, a paid subscription is required which will cover hosting your online participation, please read the forum rules first, then register. Then log in and a new menu item will show up for you: Subscription. Use that menu to manage your paid subscription and get "write access" to the Main Forum.

IMPORANT: Please keep in mind that this website is very focused in its purpose and will simply not accept any posts that we consider to disruptive or off-topic. Accounts that do not respect this requirement will be closed permanently. This is required so that we can provide a safe and friendly environment for the individuals who want to participate in this experiment.

About The Experiment

Experiment in Consciousness is an extension of

A group of core experimenters has been invited here to play with Consciousness for 21 days and report their results.

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